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The basics » Timeline

!(center) To change the layout and settings of the timeline right click the timeline and choose the ‘change timeline’ option in the menu or click the ‘schedule settings’ button in the…

Timeline Settings

Tutorial videos » Basics » Timeline Settings


Tutorial videos » Basics

Timeline Settings Select ‘things’ in Tom’s Planner Navigate & scroll Organize your activities

Filter and search

Filter and search

You can filter your schedule on texts, icon, date ranges and colors. You can start filtering your Gantt chart by clicking on the ‘filter/search’ button in the top toolbar. A window will open allowing you to enter texts and click on time block colors, icons…

Plan your first project

Plan your first project

With Tom’s Planner, you have found a great tool for creating project plans easily. But how do you actually plan a project? How do you know what tasks to include and how long they are going to take? If you’ve never planned a project before and need some quick…