You can save your schedule offline in a text file on your own computer or you can save your schedule online on one of our servers (in the cloud).

When you choose to save your schedule online, it will be saved on our servers in the same way as for example your email is saved on the Hotmail or Gmail servers. You can access your schedules from any computer, anywhere and anytime.

Saving your schedule locally means that you save it on your own computer or network, as you would with for example a Word or Excel file.

Saving online enables you to collaborate with others on the schedule, share it online and access it from any computer with an internet connection. You’ll have all your schedules in one place and auto-save will make sure you’ll never lose your work.

If your schedule contains confidential information and you don’t feel comfortable storing it on our servers, storing your schedules offline is the best and safest option for you.

The situation might occur that you want to save files online that you have stored locally or the other way around. In that case you open the locally or online saved file in Tom’s Planner and click the save button, in this window you can select to save the schedule online or offline.

All projects that are saved online will automatically be auto-saved when you are working on them. Every minute the last changes will be saved. Auto-save doesn’t work with projects that are stored locally!

When you want to open a schedule click on the ‘my schedule’ button in the toolbar. The ‘My schedules’ window will open.

Your online schedules will be listed on the left side. You can select one by double clicking or selecting and then clicking the ‘open’ button at the bottom of the window.

If you want to remove an online schedule, click on the ‘my schedules’ button in the tool bar, select the project and click on the ‘delete’ button. Be sure to save this project offline first.

If you want to open a local schedule, click the tab ‘local schedules’. Here you can upload schedules from your computer.

To change the name of an online saved schedule, you have two options: you can change the name in the settings menu on the right side of the window or choose a different name when saving the schedule.

On the right top corner of the ‘my schedules’ window detailed information is displayed about the selected schedule. You can see who the owner is, when it was last modified and who modified it. You can also add notes or details to the schedule file.

You can save your schedule at any time by just entering ctrl+s on a PC or cmd+s on a Mac on your keyboard.

If you are working with big schedules and the tool becomes slow or a bit unresponsive try to switch to the most recent version of the Firefox browser. Our experience is that Firefox delivers the best experience. With really big schedules the difference is clearly notable.

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