To change the layout and settings of the timeline right click the timeline and choose the ‘change timeline’ option in the menu or click the ‘schedule settings’ button in the button bar.

In the timeline setting dialogue you can choose the following:

Visible elements in the timeline
Depending on the schedule type you can turn the different elements in the timeline on or off. At least one element must be visible.

Whether you want to highlight todays date
When selected todays date is shown in blue instead of black like the rest of the days.

Whether you want to see the reference date
The reference date is a vertical line in the chart that allows you to mark a specific date in your chart. Like for instance a deadline. You can change its date/position with drag & drop.

Hide or highlight (vacation) days
You can exclude (vacation) dates from your charts by hiding them or you can highlight specific days, like a deadline, by giving them a color.

The settings in the screenshot here above will result in the timeline in the screenshot here below. Please note that the 25th and 26th of December are hidden/excluded and that the 31st of December has been highlighted with a red color.

You can also hide or color specific days by right clicking the date in the top timeline and then choosing the hide or color option in the menu that appears.

Work days and weekend days
You can also include or exclude weekdays. You can choose to shade these days or to not display them at all. In the standard schedule Saturday and Sunday are turned off.

Whether you want to shade or hide the weekend days
You can hide the weekend days. This makes sense when you don’t want to include them in your chart. When you do want to include the weekend days in your chart it’s best to shade them. This way you can easily distinguish the weekend days from the weekdays.

The first day of the week
In Europe, Asia and Oceania this is usualy Monday. In North America, China Africa and Latin America this is usualy Sunday. In most of the middle east this is usualy on Saturday.

Working hours
When you have an hour or 15/10/5 minutes schedule you can set the hours of a day . It is not possible to define two time blocks per day (for instance when a workday is split in two by a break or intermission).

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