There are different ways in which you can share & collaborate on projects.


As the owner of a project schedule, you can invite others to collaborate on it. To invite others, open the ‘My schedules’ window and click on the schedule you would like to share so you can click on the ‘invite others’ link on the right-hand side.

A new window will open.

Here you enter the name of the person you want to invite, select the rights you want to apply (‘can edit’ or ‘can view’), and then click ‘create invitation’. A new window will open with a link. Copy the link to an email window and send the invite through email. This link is personal and ensures you that you are the only one who is able to invite others and have control over who is able to edit and view the schedule.

If you want to adjust the rights you have given to someone, you can do so in the settings of the schedule by checking the select box behind the team members’ name. If you select ‘none’, that person is no longer able to view and/or edit the project. In the top of the settings window in ‘My schedules’ you can also see who has last modified the project.

To make sure you don’t overwrite each other’s changes, when you have given others ‘edit’ access to your chart, we have a lock/unlock mechanism in place. This mechanism ensures only one person at a time can make changes to a chart.

In the case that someone else is working on a chart and you want to start making changes to it, you will be able to ask the other person to pass the lock on to you through the app. If the other person doesn’t respond within 10 seconds the tool will automatically transfer the lock to you and you can start working on the chart immediately.

Concurrent editing (working on a chart at the same time by different persons) like you can with, for instance, Google Docs, is not possible yet In Tom’s Planner. However, we found that our lock/unlock mechanism works really well in almost all use cases.


If you want to publish your schedule online and share it with more people than just your team members click the ‘publish your schedule’ link on the right-hand side of the ‘my schedules’ window.

A new window will open.

Personify the url by adding, for example, the name of the schedule. You can also add a password to the published version, which means that only by entering the password first, can the project schedule be viewed.

The schedule will be published ‘read-only’. So if someone takes a look at the published schedule he/she will not be able to make changes to it. It will, however, be automatically updated when you make changes to the original schedule. If you want to unpublish or change the publish settings just click the ‘edit publish settings’ in the my schedules panel. This link will appear after you published the schedule.


You can also choose to embed the schedule on a website or blog. This works the same as for example a YouTube video. To embed the project schedule on your website, intranet, blog, or any other Internet environment, you click on the ‘embed your schedule’ link. Optionally you can set a password.

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