Tom’s Planner is compatible with the iPhone, iPad and Android devices. There is no need to download a app. Just open Safari on your device and go to and you are good to go.

There are some small differences between the PC version and iPhone/iPad/Android version though:

1. To access the menus you now need to do a long click instead of a right click. For instance if you want to change the color of a time block just press with your finger on the screen for at least one second at the location of the time block and a context menu will appear.

2.On the iPad, iPhone or an Android device you can zoom in and out using the pinch gesture or by double tapping the screen.

3. You can’t upload files on an iPad or iPhone so importing ms project and csv files will not work.

4. You will not be able to drag select multiple elements in your schedule. The swipe gestures will scroll the schedule instead.

5. After exporting your schedue to an image on an iPhone or iPad this image will be opened in Safari. If want to add this image to your image collection on your iPad/iPhone so you can download it to your computer just click the image for at least one second and choose the ‘save Image’ option

One finaly note: although Tom’s Planner works fine on mobile phones we personally believe that the screen is too small to do any serious work on your schedules. You should consider the iPhone/Android compatibility mainly as a good way to consult your schedules on the go. If you want to make changes to it we advise you to use a device with a bigger screen.

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