Some need to knows when exporting Tom’s Planner schedules to Excel or CSV:

For starters you should export one of your schedules to Excel or CSV, open the file with a spreadsheet program or text editor and just have a look around. The contents should mostly explain itself.

The first few columns will contain the data that can be found in the column area on the left side of your schedule. In the last 8 columns, you will find the information about all the colored periods and symbols in each row of your schedule.

Every period and/or symbol get’s it’s own line in the Excel or CSV file. So if in your schedule you have one activity with 2 periods and 1 symbol this will result in three rows in the Excel or CSV file.

Every symbol is represented by a number. We have included a list of the symbol codes at the end of this document. The colors are exported as RGB color codes.

Some details are not included in the spreadsheet/csv file such as dependencies, the logo, the project information in the legend and the background colors of the groups.

That’s basically it. If you feel that something is missing in this manual or the export itself do let us know at

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